How to Choose the Best non-Gamban Casinos

November 28, 2022
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Are you tired of Gamban restrictions and are looking for the best online casinos, not on Gamban? If you are currently limited by Gamban and their blocking system that doesn’t allow you to open any gaming platforms on your mobile, this is just the guide for you.

As you may already know, Gamban is UK’s gambling-restricting app that will restrain your access to any and all gambling sites and betting platforms upon downloading on your devices. Lucky for you, we – Non GamBan Casinos – can help you find online casinos, not on Gamban outside of the UK, that will gladly accept you anytime.

Our team of trained professionals who know the industry inside-out searched, found, reviewed, and recommended the best online casinos, not on Gamban. Every online operator you find on Non GamBan Casinos accepts UK players and, at the same time, is not part of the Gamban app; therefore, they cannot be restricted by UK regulations and freely accept UK players. Let us tell you all about of screening process for the best non GamBan casinos.

How do we rate the best non-Gamban online casinos?

We know what we do, and we know how to do it! Therefore, our team of experts knows exactly what UK players want, especially when they are being restricted by so many limiting apps and schemes like GamBan and GamStop.

To properly choose the best non GamBan casinos for our customers, we have developed a trusty system based on 3 major factors that we think are of utter importance. These are:

  • Licenses of Legit Authorities

All of our suggested non-Gamban casinos must have a proper, legitimate gambling license obtained from authorized gambling regulators. Our top choices are the Malta Gaming Authority, the Curacao eGaming Authority, or other regulators.

  • Sports Betting Options

The majority of our chosen non-Gamban online casinos come with a betting option for sports, eSports, virtual sports, and live betting. Knowing that UK players love to bet on their favorite sporting events, we try our best to include sports betting in our evaluation system. Shortly said, using our suggestions, you are now free to bet on your favorite sporting events.

  • Diversity of Payment Methods

As all UK players know from their unpleasant experiences, GamStop and GamBan come with a credit card ban, meaning that even if you play in UK-based online casinos, you can’t use your credit cards when gambling. Our top non-Gamban casinos accept credit cards like VISA and MasterCard as payment options. Thus, you are free to gamble using your trusted payment method.

Pros of Playing at non-Gamban Casinos

As you would expect, non GamBan casinos come with numerous advantages and very few cons, and it’s completely normal. We don’t believe in complete perfection; therefore, it’s absolutely okay for non GamBan casinos to have a few drawbacks as well. Let’s start listing both:

  • They accept self-excluded UK players

One of the most important advantages of non GamBan casinos is that these operators accept UK players who are part of numerous self-exclusion schemes. If you are limited by either GamStop or GamBan, worry no more; you can gamble, deposit funds, enjoy playing your favorite online games, and continue having fun. With non Gamban casinos, you have no issues to worry about.

  • Accept Credit Cards

As already briefly mentioned in the above sections, one of the main perks of non Gamban casinos is that they are offshore operators with EU licenses; therefore, they neither obey UK’s restrictive rules nor ban Credit Cards as payment methods. You can freely use your favored credit cards while gambling at these casinos.

  • Great Reputation

All out chosen and trusted non Gamban online casinos excel in having respected reputations. Though they are offshore casinos and aren’t licensed by the UKGC, they have other EU-based, respected gambling licensure from the industry’s leading regulators like the MGA or the Curacao eGaming License.

  • Variety of Features

Another great advantage of non Gamban casinos is that these operators often offer all-inclusive casino content in just one space. Meaning that most of our featured non-Gamban casinos offer classic online content as well as sports betting and live betting options in the same place.

Cons of Playing at non-Gamban Casinos

The cons of non Gamban casinos are significantly fewer than their pros; however, we can’t say that these operators don’t have any disadvantages. It won’t be true at all, and we never lie to our customers. Hence, listed below are the drawbacks of playing at non Gamban casinos:

  • Impossible to Block

These non Gamban casinos allow you to get around GamStop and Gamban, but it also means that they themselves cannot be blocked. They are always available, they will always accept you, and they will always allow you to make deposits and play, which can be an issue for some problematic gamblers.

  • Don’t Have the UKGC License

As you can easily guess, the non Gamban casinos we recommend are all offshore casinos with EU licenses, and none of them are licensed by the UKGC – UK’s most trusted gambling regulator. But, this could be considered as a blessing in disguise since the UKGC is known to be one of the strictest gaming regulators currently on the gaming market that also comes with numerous restrictive apps and self-excluding schemes like Gamban and GamStop.

Non-Gamban Casinos FAQ

  • What is a non Gamban online casino?

    A non Gamban online casino is an operator that doesn’t have a UKGC gambling license, isn’t a UK-based casino, and doesn’t obey UK gambling rules and regulations. Usually, non Gamban casinos have the MGA or the Curacao gambling licenses and accept UK players, who are restricted by GamStop and Gamban limitations.

  • What is the best non Gamban online casino?

    NonGambanCasinos offers you numerous options to choose from, and each one is different. You can freely choose your favorite non Gamban operator according to your gambling needs and requirements. All we know for sure is that you won’t ever regret choosing any of our suggestions.

  • Is it legal to play at non Gamban casinos that don’t have the UKGC license?

    Of course. If you are being limited by Gamban or GamStop restrictions and don’t want to stop enjoying your time online, playing your favorite games, you should absolutely be able to do so by choosing alternative non Gamban casinos.

  • Are non Gamban online casinos safe?

    The ones that we offer you sure are! We can’t say that about every other online casino that currently works on the market, but we guarantee that every online operator we recommend is some of the best non Gamban casinos with legitimate, valid gambling licenses and top-notch security measures.

  • Where can I find the best non Gamban casinos?

    That’s exactly what NonGambanCasinos is here for. We do our research, consider countless online casinos, choose only the best ones, and review them for you, and only then can we confidently recommend non Gamban casinos to you.

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