What Is Gamban and How Exactly Does It Work

Oliver Thompson
November 25, 2022
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What is Gamban?

Gamban is a mobile application that blocks online gambling on all devices that it’s installed on. Using Gamban is another way of self-restricting from online gambling; however, you must remember that Gamban, like GamStop, comes with multiple restrictions and limitations and is not easy to get out of.

How Does Gamban Work?

Upon downloading Gamban on your mobile or tablet device, it will block your access to gambling and better websites altogether. As stated above, Gamban is a downloadable application compatible with various devices – tablets, mobile devices, laptops, etc. Upon downloading and activating the Gamban application, it will then block any and all access to online gambling, whether it’s online casinos or sports betting websites.

Though the process of activating the Gamban app on your devices is easy and straightforward, you have to keep in mind that it’s limiting your access to every type of online gambling from the device it’s activated upon. Granted, the restriction will be successful but at what cost? You will lose access to all your favorite gaming establishments, and getting out of it won’t be as easy as activating Gamban.

What is the difference between GamStop and Gamban?

GamStop is the UK’s self-exclusion scheme, initially designed to restrict your gambling access within all UKGC-licensed gambling establishments, while Gamban blocks a specific device from accessing thousands of gambling websites, apps, online casinos, betting sites, etc. This basically means that you won’t be able to even load offshore online casinos and bookies on your devices in which you have downloaded Gamban. GamStop, on the other hand, restricts you from UKGC-licensed online casinos for a long period of time and restricts your transactions at the same time.

Is Gamban free of charge?

Gamban is easy to use, but it doesn’t come free to use. Gamban runs on a subscription deal. Though other self-restricting services in the UK are free, Gamban certainly isn’t.

Before you decide to commit to Gamban services, you can try it out for free for a 7-days trial. However, after that, you will be charged a monthly fee. What can we say – these services are as expensive as they are restrictive and, in some cases, punitive even.

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